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Машина за изпичане на стоманени въжета Изпратете до Индия

Септември 02, 2022 23

Steel wire rope cutting fusing machinecan cut and pattern continuously. According to the wire rope diameter, material and pattern, cut it to the required pattern. The pattern size can be adjusted. Manually adjust the screw knob to set the pattern size and adjust the required size. The color of the device is sky blue by default, and other colors need to be customized.

The advantages of stable operation and low failure rate.

·Automatic stop and alarm in case of fault

·Can be set to fuse/cut/cut and pattern. 

This machine has higher productivity. It applicant to Medical equipment, medical bed, massage bed cables; building decoration, lighting, office furniture, clothes drying rack, display hangers, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, electric vehicles, baby cars and other vehicles with soft axes, shift lines, clutch lines, brake lines, transmission lines, brake lines ,sealing strip wire rope, sports equipment, fitness equipment, tennis net, volleyball net, basketball hoop, treadmill Aircraft, travel equipment.

1聽Wire rope diameter1.2 ~ 2.5 мм
2Скорост на рязане26pcs/min (1m)
3МоторDelta Servo motor
6Размер2500 * 955 * 820mm
(дължина широчина височина)
8Волтаж380V 50Hz
9Работна температураНормална температура


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